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DS3622xs+ vs DS1823xs+ - Enquiries - 03-20-2023

Would it be better to max out a DS1823xs+ (8x18tb in raid 6) with M.2 and max ram, or DS3622xs+ with 4x18tb in raid 10 (active) and 8x18 in raid 6 (archive)? Minimum 10gbe connection but willing to upgrade to 25gbe pcie if it would bottleneck.

Single Editor/Color Grader. Footage is minimum 4k (up to 8k) and projects are about 20-30tb each.

Just looking for fastest 100tb+ synology in my price range! Appreciate all advice.

RE: DS3622xs+ vs DS1823xs+ - ed - 03-24-2023

DS1823xs+ (8x18tb in raid 6) with M.2 and max ram would be my choice. Also, remember that M.2 can be used for storage instead.