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DS923+ with 2x ironwolf 20tb Raid 1 - Enquiries - 03-19-2023


I'm looking for your advice as I venture into NAS. I've recently purchased (on its way) a Ds923+ for raid 1 configuration simply to backup data with no fear of loss. I'm looking to future proof my initial setup prior to picking up HDDs.

I noticed that seagate 20TB ironwolf pro nor synology DS923+ have each other on their compatibility list, however, I'd really like to put in 2x20tb hard drive into this. Your experience says you've tried 4 x 22tb drives. But, with the 20TB drives not officially supported, how reliable is this sort of purchase? I'm fearful that the lack of support makes this a bad decision. Is it best to choose 2 x 16tb which is 'officially compatible'.

Thanks for your time, love the article and videos! They've really helped.


RE: DS923+ with 2x ironwolf 20tb Raid 1 - ed - 03-24-2023

Yes, we have tested bigger drives and they work. Sometimes you get a warning, but this does not effect the RAID or your data safety. Here is how mute it