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How Many Volumes Should I Create - Enquiries - 02-02-2023

Hello from Brazil. I'm a completely NAS-newbie-user, coming out from a dead 4TB Seagate Personal Cloud device, and who has recently purchased a QNAP TS-251D plus two 6TB hard drives.

I mostly have used my Personal Cloud for Plex streaming on my own, with no other users at home and, now, watching your 2022 guide series of videos (the next one will be part 3), as I see the vast possibilities for my new real NAS, I just don't know how many volumes should I create on my RAID.

I want to keep using it as a Plex media server, but I think it would be nice to reserve a volume for backing up personal data and/or creating a personal cloud for my mom, for example.

So, I just don't know how to split the total amount of available RAID space. Would you have a suggestion for me?

Thank you very much, and congratulations for the videos; they are so well explained and and you talk slowly so we foreigners can completely understand.

Wladimir D.

RE: How Many Volumes Should I Create - ed - 02-03-2023

Normally people only create a single volume and then create multiple shared folders for different purposes.
But from security stance, it would be beneficial to create a separate volume for Plex. Just in case hackers get into your NAS via this app, they could not damage other volumes.

I hope this helps.