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NAS as a PC - Enquiries - 02-01-2023

I have something of a strange request. Im trying to streamline a portable processing solution. Rather than running 2 NAS and two PC terminal machines I wonder about purchasing two of the h1288X fully equipped and using them as a PC/NAS in one.
Software I need to run is not GPU based just ram but I see 128Gb option and it is not hugely taxing. However it must run win 10/11 and requires two monitors.
- Could I run a virtual Windows 10 on an h1688x use a USB or thunderbolt graphics adapter to have two monitors? Turning the NAS into a terminal could be hugely advantageous to me.

RE: NAS as a PC - ed - 02-03-2023

Yes, you can connect accessories and turn it into a PC. Here is how to do dual screen

I hope this helps.