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Upgrade from DS981+ to DS920+ - Enquiries - 02-01-2023

Hi There

just read your comparisson between DS920+ and DS923+. Your knowledge is truly amazing

I am planning on upgrading from DS918+ to DS920+ because my 918 got fried by lightning.. the 4 x 4TB Seagate Iron Wolf NAS drives seemed to have survived. I took the drives and simply plugged them into an external HDD enclosure and attached it to a windows pc, just to test if the drives still work / spin up.

In doing so, i did not take note of the sequence in which the drives were sitting in the 918 Bays - I also cannot remember which RAID configuration i chose at the time of installing the 918 - However, of the 16TB drive capacity, i had 12 TB usable space, so that means it must have been RAID 5 i think.

My question to you is, will I be able to insert my 4 drives into the newer 920+ and retrieve the existing data on these drives? Will the operating system pick up the RAID configuration, even if I insert the drives in a different sequence? Or will I have to format these drives?


RE: Upgrade from DS981+ to DS920+ - ed - 02-03-2023

Yes, you can put those drives in any other plus series NAS in any order and the system should allow continuing where you left off.

I hope this helps.