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Nas storage for music and films - Enquiries - 02-01-2023


Big fan of your channel ! I've tested hi-fi audio servers that cost a kidney but could not hear any improvement over music streamed from my old noisy nas. The advantages of those hi-fi products were silence (fanless solution) and quick boot time (30sec roughly).
I am looking for a fast booting network storage solution located in my living room next to my audio amplifier that will be switched on when needed and will not run 24 hours a day. My amplifier does not need more than sharing over SMB.
Moreover, it could be a nice addition if I could also be able to play movies on my 4k tv.

My previous experience with nas is rather old as I own a QNAP ts 219+ which is noisy as hell and takes 5 minutes to be on line.

Is there by chance a Nas you could think of that could meet my needs?

Thanks for your kind reply.

Yours faithfully,


RE: Nas storage for music and films - ed - 02-03-2023

You could consider slim models with SSD inside. The price nowadays is affordable
Synology DS620slim: This is a compact and silent NAS device with a fast boot time of less than 30 seconds. It supports SMB file sharing and has the ability to play 4K media content on your TV.
Most of the Synology NAS only generate noise form hard drives themselves.