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920+ or 923+ for me? - jshoe413 - 11-18-2022

I currently have a DS920+. It was recently replaced with a Synology refurbished DS920+. How are Synology's refurbished products?

I can't decide whether to keep it, buy a new DS920+, or buy a new DS923+.

I use the NAS mainly for file storage and backup. I have a few hundred thousand photos and many small videos in 1080p from my cell phone. I use Synology Photos. I'm planning on setting it up again to share photos. Other than that, I may stream music or a video at times.

I've watched the comparison videos from you guys and others as well. I just can't decide what to do. What do you all think?


RE: 920+ or 923+ for me? - ed - 11-20-2022

DS920+ is still their best NAS, even though DS923+ is out.
People only consider a new NAS if they need 10GbE connection. And if they do all media streaming locally at home. Remote streaming is not quite possible with 4k files.
Even if you have a refurbished ds920+ it is still only 2 years old. It is a good NAS.

I hope this helps.

RE: 920+ or 923+ for me? - jshoe413 - 11-26-2022

Do most people agree with this statement? I watched the video from the site owner and the web guy and I'm not sure now lol. ? I just want to stream here and there possibly. More interested in using Photos for tons of photos. Will the 920 generate thumbnails and index photos faster? Thanks

RE: 920+ or 923+ for me? - jshoe413 - 12-05-2022

If anyone has any thoughts please let me know. Thanks