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DS1522+ vs TS-664 - Enquiries - 10-29-2022

For the moment I use my old PC working as a TrueNAS server. My needs: backup (I use Acronis) for total 4-6 TB of data, VPN server, Gitlab CE. For tests I've installed NextCloud and Jenkins. So - nothing special. However I'm working as a developer (desktop applications) and maybe I'll use it for VMs - for the moment I work with VMware Workstation Pro. But the main problem is I'm also a composer and work with really large audio libraries. Now my PC has NVMe drive for a system, and 7 TB of audio libraries on 5 SSD drives. Because audio libraries are working with streaming technology they need fast access time to many small files and good transfer rate. So the question is: if any of NAS solutions is good enough for audio libraries. Streaming one single file (like in video) is not a problem, but reading many streams with small audio us crucial. I'm not sure if DS155+ from Synology or new TS664 from Qnap are fast enough when used in RAID5 and standard HDDs or even SSDs for such purposes. I'm gonna change my PC to a new one with 2.5 Gb ethernet or even 10 Gb if required but I'm not sure about these two NAS servers 664/1522+. Could you compare them when used for reading a lot of small files?

RE: DS1522+ vs TS-664 - ed - 10-31-2022

These two NAS are very similar in overall performance. The real bottleneck here is in media. If you use SSD in those HDD bays, you can achieve fast enough speed to work with a lot of small audio files. If you need ultimate performance, use Qnap NVMe SSD for storage and live projects. This media is much more responsive (IOPS and speed) even compared to SATA SSD.
Qnap is a winner here.

I hope this helps.