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TS-453D-8G-US VS TS-464-4G-US - Enquiries - 09-22-2022

I'm debating the TS-453D-8G-US and the TS-464-4G-US. I'll add the 16 GB to the 464. I don't intend to use it for an NVR as I use a ubiquity setup for that. I mostly want to be able to host files access remotely and expand on PLEX.

RE: TS-453D-8G-US VS TS-464-4G-US - TribalHound - 09-22-2022

Robbie's done a direct video on this topic... it's on youtube, but I can't post links - uploaded 6th August.

Bottom line - there's really not a lot between them.
Whichever you choose - get the lowest RAM you can - then buy crucial RAM and upgrade it for less money - end result - higher spec, lower cost.

RE: TS-453D-8G-US VS TS-464-4G-US - ed - 09-24-2022

These two are similar NAS. Regarding Plex there might not be a big improvement. Both are limited to 1080p transcoding remotely. But you can game simultaneous streams in FHD using new 64series model.

I hope this helps.