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QNAP TS-453BT3 - NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-06-2022

Hi There, I really love your youtube channel and it helped me choose my 4 bay Qnap NAS with three 18TB drives running RAID 5.

I was wondering if there was any way to use the 4th empty bay to temporarily plug in another drive that is already formatted with NTFS and already has data on, and use it in the same way you would a drive attached to the external USB 3 port on the NAS. The NAS is insisting on reformatting it before it can be used.

The reason for the question is I wanted to take some data off some old hard drives but I no longer have a computer that has any SATA connections to connect it to. My only alternative is to buy a SATA hard drive docking station and connect it to the USB input on the NAS. But this seems a waste when I already have a bay available inside the NAS

many thanks in advance for your advice

RE: QNAP TS-453BT3 - ed - 08-09-2022

No, this feature only works with Asustor NAS. Qnap and Synology needs a USB dicking station. Here is a list of Qnap supported USB connected HDD file systems: EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+, and exFAT