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NAS Solution Start up - NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-06-2022


I run a small design company that utitlize a lot data spaces. I am looking to transfer the current data of about 10-20TB to a NAS solution. We operate using Mac OS.
I am also skewed more towards Asustor because of the competitive pricing.

The NAS storage will be the centralize storage to download and upload files for a team of 3 person. The team will be working remotely from each of our own place.

We would transfer the files to the NAS once or twice a week.

I would like to ask which setup will suit us. We don't have a big budget to start with. So i'm not too sure to go 2 Drive or 4 Drive NAS.

Also we need to have a back up solution to this. I'm also looking at another NAS storage for back up. I've been told a NAS back up solution is much cheaper compare to cloud back up in the long term. What kind of NAS storage system is sufficient for this? Perhaps an entry level system?

Would appreciate you expert advise. Many Thanks.

RE: NAS Solution Start up - ed - 08-09-2022

Yes, Asustor will save you money if you need particular hardware. If you only need to create your own private cloud, you could as well compromise on hardware and invest more in software. Since you overall speeds will be limited to your ISP upload speed (client/server).
When you secure your NAS with firewall and maybe also VPN, you maybe actually have a secure private cloud. Celeron based models are generally the most popular choice since they support multimedia, virtualization and things like snapshots. People often choose 4-bay with only 2 drives inside. This way they don't need to upgrade/expand later.

I hope this helps.