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NAS - NASCompares_Blog_Push - 08-05-2022

I am currently using a Seagate Model SRPD20 Two-bay NAS.
Seagate is no longer supporting this NAS. I am only interested in a NAS that will act as an extended Hard Drive. I currently have two Seagate 3TB Iron Wolf NAS Hard Drives and am using RAID 1. Thank you for your videos. Yours, John

RE: NAS - ed - 08-09-2022

If you have a PC then Synology will be a good choice. They have space-saving mode available for Windows computers.
If you have a MAC, Qnap will do a better job. They also support MAC space-saving mode, unlike Synology. You can also connect via Thunderbolt if you go for top-range models.
But for simple home use DS218play / DS220+ would be good choice. From Qnap range that would be TS-233 as a budget option and ts-251D as a mid-range option.

I hope this helps.