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Qnap compatible hard drives (HDD)? - NC Enquiries - 03-01-2020

Hi, I am looking into getting my first NAS QNAP TS230 with 2x 4TB HDDs. My question is-

QNAP has a "recommended" NAS HDD drives list on their website, does it mean it wont work as efficiently from something outside that list? I was thinking of getting the Seagate Ironwolf ST4000VN0008 which is not a part of the recommended list on QNAP's website.

Qnap compatible hard drives (HDD)? - ed - 03-02-2020

TS-230  is still a new NAS. It takes time until Qnap properly update their compatibility lists. But I can ensure that any of these models will work:WD Red and Seagate Ironwolf- up to 8bay NASWD Red Pro and Seagate Ironwolf Pro - for 8 bays or more (or for faster IOPS)Exos drives and HGST will feature longer life expectancy, but also be much louder.