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NAS for pictures? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

I have been looking for a NAS system for my home. I want use it for my photos (editing and able to view on the phone.), video, and home back up. I will be used with mostly iPhones and Mac computers. the editing software I use is Lightroom and photoshop. I have been looking at the Asustor AS5305T and the Synology DS920+. If you have any suggestions or recommendations that would be great.


NAS for pictures? - ed - 03-22-2021

Photo editing does not require much bandwidth, but you could benefit from a Thunderbolt NAS such as TVS-472XT. You can connect directly and at the same time have others connecting via Ethernet. The 10GbE connection would speed things up quite a lot. But again 1GbE or max 2.5GbE ports is all that is needed for photo editing.Asustor comes with 2.5GbE LAN ports which are handy already, just need to get a switch and a network card on a MAC.Synology will only stand out with their Moments app that could help to organise multimedia by faces, locations and more.Qnap Qmaggie does a similar job.I hope this helps.