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Choosing a hard drive and NAS? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

I was planning on purchasing 920+ by Synology.
I probably already have around 4TB of photos, videos, etc..... I have future plans to add media as well as videos of kids sporting events.

I was planning on purchasing 2, 10 TB ironwolf hard drives for now and setting it up as SHR with plans to add another hard drive or 2 in the future.

I would like to add a similar but smaller set up at my small business where I currently have less than a a TB of storage but would like to back up to my home Synology and vice versa.

The items are in my cart but want confirmation that this makes decent sense. thank you,

Choosing a hard drive and NAS? - ed - 03-15-2021

Synology DS920+ is their best multimedia desktop NAS. It features a graphics chip and the option to add more RAM and an expansion box. It also has no limits on what apps you can install.DS Moments and Photo station apps will help you organise your photos. You can filter by face, location, objects and data. This helps with finding a particular photo.With 4 bays you can start with 2 or three drives and add more later. SHR allows also to mix of different size drives.So your plan sounds good.I hope this helps.