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NAS? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

I want a NAS, or something, that is hard wired to my computer and that I can easily upload/download files to without it being through my internet. Basically a server, where the home base of files are accessible on a computer at the ready and don't need to be downloaded to the computer to use them. And then all the normal nas features, but that's the main one. Is there a NAS that does this. I really do not want to have to learn how to use a server and do this, as I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to networking.


NAS? - ed - 03-10-2021

All NAS systems are made to be connected via Ethernet cable. Everyone connected to the same switch/router will be technically hard-wired to this NAS. You map a drive to every computer so it will appear similar to your C: drive. Even though file look like they exist on your computer they actually live on a server.If you want those file to be existent on a computer hard drive as well as the NAS drives then you can use an app called Synology Drive or Qnap QSYNC (whichever brand you choose). You can then tell which files and folders will exist on a NAS only or PC. Either way, all files will be seen as existing on your computer.If you want to increase the data transfer speeds then you should consider something faster than 1GbE NAS. Models with PCIe slot can be upgraded to 5 or 10GbE. Also, a USB adapter can be used to upgrade to 5GbE.I would recommend some flag series models like TS-251D or DS218+. But for more future-proofing and expandability TS-253D and DS720+.I hope this helps.