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High temperature for QNAP TS-653D? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

Hi Rob,

A small question, with possibly half an answer.;-)

I recently bought 2x the same QNAP TS-653D

2x QM2-2S10G1TA (caching data, raid 1)
4x Crucial MX500 m.2 500GB
4x KCP426SD8/16

I call them Chip & Dale!

Chip I made the 6 disks raid 5
and at Dale 4 drives raid 5 and 2 raid 0 because I think I need this speed because I use the shared mapping for my standard windows folders to write and read in. These are being synchronized with Chip every night, so far so good :-D

Now I notice that the Intel Celeron J4125 gets pretty hot IDLE: (I have already removed the plastic covers)

QNAP Dale: CPU temperature is 53 ° C / 127 ° F
and System temperature: 43 ° C / 109 ° F

QNAP Chip: CPU temperature is 50 ° C / 122 ° F
and System temperature: 38 ° C / 100 ° F

Besides the fact that the QM2-2S10G1TA card gives off extra heat.
And the difference in temperature is clearly due to the fact that with Dale I have 4 drives in raid 5 and 2 in raid 0, which means that the Intel Celeron J4125 has to work harder than with Chip.

I think these temperatures are quite on the high side, it is still spring with an indoor temperature of 20 degrees, but later in the hot summer the indoor temperature can easily rise to 27/28 degrees.

The two systems stand freely and neatly on a shelf and have enough free air around them. Why QNAP chose this design is really a mystery to me.

Can you give advice on this ...

Thanks a lot in advance, I am a big fan of your website and Youtube channel ...
Keep Up The Good Work !!!

High temperature for QNAP TS-653D? - ed - 03-04-2021

Yes, Qnap 53D series use plastic chase which is great for sound isolation, but not that good for heat. Short term option would be to remove a case if NAS is located somewhere in a cabinet, otherwise adjusting fan speed would be louder but might decrease temperatures.Running two RAIDs are more resource-demanding and the CPU need to work harder. Also, additional cards block the airflow.Not much that can be done.I hope this helps.