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Ts-453d? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

The website for Qnap shows that I can use the ts-453d with 8 cameras on a home surveillance system. Qnap says it needs 8gb ram to do so. But the 4gb specs say it will transfer 160 GB per sec, and the nas surveillance calculator shows I will need something like 48gb per sec. Can I do 8 cameras with 4gb model (I plan on upgrading to more than 8 at a later date)? Thanks you for any help, and thanks for the great videos you have already made. Helped me a ton on deciding which nas to go with.

Ts-453d? - ed - 01-29-2021

IP cameras themselves do not require extra RAM. You can have 8 cameras recording with 4GB RAM with no problems. You need RAM for playback. It also depends on which software you will use to operate your cameras. If you use Surveillance Station, this app does not need many resources to run and operate. If you are looking at QVR Pro then this app will require some more resources then the other app mentioned. QVR Client is a desktop app for your computer. The requirement for 8GB RAM is mentioned for your computer if you refer to this: way, whichever software you choose to use, you can upgrade RAM capacity at any time in the future.I hope this helps.