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Help Choosing ? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

As a videographer, I need the ability to transfer videos from an SD card to a storage device where I can directly edit, stream, store and back up ~ 3-5 videos per week that are 20-30 mins in length at 1080p resolution so that I can publish and stream the resulting videos without sharing my content with public cloud or social media providers. My current network environment is Netgear prosafe gigabit switches (jgs524) , Cat 5

Rack Mountable , Speed , reliability and smooth streaming are very important to me.

~$2k budget

Please advise on the optimal NAS solution for this use case.

Help Choosing ? - ed - 01-25-2021

Qnap TS-451DeU and TS-453DU would be cheapest and yet multimedia friendly options in a shape of rack. Most importantly they allow upgrades such as 5/10GbE. Something useful for the future. The next step up would be tvs-872xu with i3 CPU capable of even greater speeds. You can still reuse your CAT5 cables and gain speeds up to 2.5-5GbE. Bandwidth is something you need for effective video editing off the NAS.I hope this helps.