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TerraMaster F5-422 10GbE NAS 5-Bay? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

I am purchasing a TerraMaster F5-422 10GbE NAS 5-Bay system to use as a DAS (for both storage and editing). I can't find anything on the manufacture's site that says whether I can plug directly into my PC, or if I need a 10GbE switch, so I thought I would ask and see if you knew? I've watched several of your extremely helpful videos, and decided to go with the 5 bay model, with 4 6TB Iron Wolf HDDs (to run in RAID 5) and then purchased a 2TB Iron Wolf SSD to use for the cache. I have a motherboard with a 10GbE port that I wanted to take advantage of, so I am hopeful all of these pieces with play together nicely. (I have been using a DroboPro-FS on a 1GbE connection for the last 9 years and it's getting pretty shaky, hence the upgrade.)

Thank you in advance for any help/advice you may give, and for your incredibly detailed and informative videos and reviews!

Have a Happ(ier) New Year!

- Christopher

TerraMaster F5-422 10GbE NAS 5-Bay? - ed - 03-01-2021

Yes, this is quite impressive hardware featuring NAS. You can connect directly, just make sure you set a manual IP for a NAS 10GbE and PC 10GbE LAN port in the same range.Proces is similar to Synology hope this helps.