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Buying a Nas to run Kodi? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

Hi, just watched KODI v19 Matrix on a QNAP NAS - Installation Guide so one problem solved. My son works away and we are trying to cut costs, my thoughts buy a Nas and transfer some of my content so he can access via a browser on his ipad or Windows laptop.
Looking at a 2nd hand QNAP TS-453Be and then the brick wall.

Do I buy new or second hand and what are my first steps.


Buying a Nas to run Kodi? - ed - 01-27-2021

If you want to set up a KODI server on your Qnap, then the only thing to look out for is HDMI type. Qnap 53Be has 4k 30Hhz and 53D is HDMI2.0 60Hz. If you wanted also HDR 4K then Asustor would do an HDMI2.0a model.I hope this helps.