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NAS system for ME? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

I dont really have a budget but I would love to future proof myself (same as I did with my desktop computer) I own a video production company thats scaling quick! I am looking for a NAS system that I can edit 6k raw footage that I can access remotely and it keeps the speed.

NAS system for ME? - ed - 01-25-2021

Many people choose Thunderbolt NAS like TVS-472XT (also 6/8 bays available) so they can edit directly from this storage device. NAS is made with drive failures in mind. So, therefore, you get a RAID. If NAS itself dies, you should be able to move existing drives to a replacement model. It is also good to have backups in case of a disaster like flood/fire/burglars.Best drives to last a lifetime would HGST, but they might be annoyingly loud while on a table. Alternatively, you could use a combination of SSD and HDD. Qnap 72XT series come with nvme cache/storage slots. So can do editing on SSD and use HDD RAID for backups/ project storage.I hope this helps.