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TSH686 or something else? - NAS Rookie - 12-22-2020

Ive been strongly considering the QNAP TS-H686 with XeonD1602 but I did notice the tvs-672n(currently out of stock). which one should I consider?

My requirements are as follows:
1. Powerful unit with future upgrade options (adding a GPU, RAM, HDD/SSD/NvME later would be a plus)
2. I plan to start off with 3-4 4TB drives as I feel the need to start small (wallet friendly), obviously with options to upgrade to higher TB drives like a 16 or 18tb
3. Should have less power usage
4. Ability to setup a private cloud out of the box. I feel the need to completely do-away with Google Drive for long term costs and privacy concerns
5. Primary files types will be photos, videos and documents. Eventually should be in a position to integrate CCTV and some home automation.
6. Most important aspect, I would prefer something that has the least to no maintenance for the next 8-10 years.

Synology does not have the upgradable options and the flexibility offered by QNAP.