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Ds918 upgrade? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

I am a photographer/videographer who have some thoughts on my Synology 918+. Would it be possible to connect my Mac mini directly for the use of faster access of video and photo files. I use DaVinci Resolve and Affinity Photo - I wish to hold video files whilst editing on Resolve.

Currently I have 8mg memory, would it half to have ssd’ s fitted and what size. I am on a limited pensioner budget.

Is there an usb importing photo package for the synology?

Does the new Synology Photos cope with Nikon raw files?

Thanks for your help. Great informative videos that keep us upto date,

Kind regards,

Martyn Gunton

Ds918 upgrade? - ed - 03-17-2021

You should try 5GbE adapters. One for a NAS and another for your computer has the best photo support compared to other brands. You can set up automated photo imports simply by connecting external drives or cards.I hope this helps.