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QNAP Future Migration? - jfradette - 11-08-2020


About a year ago I bought a QNAP 431P to be used for home network storage. Little did I know how versatile this device was going to be. I actually have ended up using it to replace an old file server and home theatre PC. The bad part of this is that while the 431P does a pretty good job of file serving it's kind of under-powered to used as a full fledged Plex server plus run cameras and other tasks simultaneously.
I've been looking at the TS-873 as a migration path but know very little about the AMD processors. Is this a decent future proof-ish version to look at for a power home user? I like the expansion capabilities of this model. M.2, add-on network or graphics card, 4 x memory slots, etc. It seems very modular.
Any advice would be appreciated.