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NAS for Mac Studio M1 Ultra - Enquiries - 04-23-2024

Hi all,

Great guide to NAS.. I've been living with OWC RAIDs and Pegasus RAIDs via Thunderbolt 2 and 3 for years and they're not hacking it for me anymore. Any recommendations would be great appreciated. Wanted to try for SSD RAID, but not sure what the hell i'm doing.

RE: NAS for Mac Studio M1 Ultra - ed - 04-26-2024

Considering your requirements and the need for a robust storage solution, the QNAP TVS-h874 would be an excellent fit for your setup. With its support for Thunderbolt upgrades and the ability to accommodate NVMe storage internally, this NAS offers versatility and scalability to meet your evolving needs. The TVS-h874 provides ample storage capacity, ensuring you have enough space for your data-intensive tasks. Its compatibility with Thunderbolt technology allows for high-speed data transfer, enhancing your workflow efficiency. Additionally, the inclusion of NVMe storage ensures fast access to frequently used files, further optimizing your editing process. Overall, the TVS-h874 combines performance, flexibility, and expandability, making it an ideal choice for your small business's video editing requirements.