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Upgrade QNAP TS439PRO+ - Enquiries - 03-31-2024

Current system is getting slow and I would like to store my cd collection and expand use case I want future growth a looking to upgrade my home network and switch to at least 2.5 gb I have been looking at the QNAP tv473A along with the TVS-h474. Not sure if its worth the money

RE: Upgrade QNAP TS439PRO+ - ed - 04-08-2024

Considering your need for an upgrade to accommodate your expanding use case and desire for future-proofing your home network with at least 2.5GbE capabilities, both the QNAP TVS-473A and the TVS-h474 are solid options to consider. The TVS-473A, while offering robust features such as a powerful AMD Ryzen processor and ample storage capacity, lacks a GPU. On the other hand, the TVS-h474 boasts similar capabilities but with the added benefit of a quad-core Intel processor and a dedicated GPU, ensuring smooth performance for demanding tasks. While both models come at a price, their advanced features and potential for future growth make them worthwhile investments for enhancing your home office setup