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2nd hand NAS HDD’s - Enquiries - 02-28-2024

For my first NAS server I’ve bought a second hand QNAP 453D 8G (massive thanks for your QNAP set up video collection) and am looking to buy drives for it, either four 2TB or three 3TB. I’ve been looking at 2nd hand drives from CeX, eBay and Marketplace as they are half the price of new ones but a lot of them have dates of 2017 or before so is it a false economy? None of the adverts state how many hours they’ve done. When I get the drives what’s the best way to check them?
I couldn’t see a way on YouTube to search within your channel to see if you’ve covered this on a previous video so if you have please could you give me the link
Thanks for any help

RE: 2nd hand NAS HDD’s - ed - 03-01-2024

While second-hand drives can indeed offer significant cost savings, it's essential to weigh the risks associated with their age and usage. Drives manufactured before 2017 may have already experienced a considerable amount of wear and tear, potentially impacting their reliability and longevity. Without information on the number of hours these drives have been operational, it can be challenging to assess their remaining lifespan accurately.

To mitigate these risks, here are a few suggestions:

Check SMART Data: Once you receive the drives, use QNAP's built-in tools to access the SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data. SMART attributes can provide insights into the drive's health, including factors like temperature, spin-up time, and reallocated sectors. Any significant issues or warnings in the SMART data could indicate potential problems with the drive.
Run Diagnostics: Consider running diagnostic tests on the drives using tools like HD Tune or CrystalDiskInfo. These utilities can help identify any underlying issues such as bad sectors or performance anomalies.
Verify Seller Reputation: If purchasing from online platforms like eBay or Marketplace, thoroughly vet the seller's reputation and review their return policy. Opt for sellers who provide detailed information about the drive's history and offer a reasonable return window in case of issues.