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synology diskstation ds223j - Enquiries - 02-24-2024

I currently stream my hd (1920 X 1080 .m2ts files) video home movies on my Sony Bravia TV from my PC. Will the synology diskstation ds223j be up to this task? Thanks

RE: synology diskstation ds223j - ed - 03-01-2024

Hey there! The Synology DiskStation DS223j can definitely handle streaming HD video files like your .m2ts home movies to your Sony Bravia TV. With its Realtek RTD1619B CPU and 1GB DDR4 non-ECC RAM, it's capable of smoothly streaming media content over your network. Just ensure your network setup is solid for seamless streaming. Additionally, you might want to consider Plex or other media server apps to enhance your streaming experience further. Enjoy your home movies on the big screen!
As long as its direct streaming and TV support video file you have.