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Steam Nas? - Enquiries - 02-28-2020

What is the most cost affective Nas for playing Steam games from? I have wifi6 and 10gb network already but will only use this to game from and do not want to spend a ton but want fast gaming from it.

If another NAS higherend $800-1400 can do everything and game from as well let me know. I have up to 4 people who may connect to it at one time.

Steam Nas? - ed - 04-16-2020

If you have 10G setup already then it makes sense to get a 10GbE NAS. New QNAP HS-453DX come with a 10GbE port and two M.2 SSD cache (or can be used as a volume). More disks will always mean better speed. Otherwise you need to consider having SSD media in your 3.5inch bays instead of HDD. Then you need less drives to achieve the same speed. TVS-472XT (also 672XT and 872XT) feature Nvme M.2 slots instead of regular SSD type M.2 which operates few times faster then a regular SSD. These NAS model also feature 10GbE port an Thunderbolt connection. This would be an ultimate choice allowing you to have several users connecting to it. Even if you don't have a 10GbE setup, or one of your friends laptop doesn't feature it. They can still connect via Thunderbolt even though you have others connecting via 10GbE simultaneously.Here is a popular models in each type of connection: