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Synology to WD MyCloud Backup - Enquiries - 01-08-2024

We have a new Synology DS224+ for the church with 4TB (effective) and an old WD MyCloud DL2100 with 4TB storage (about 1TB is used). I would like to find a way to backup the new Synology to the older WD nas . I've been experimenting with several packages but none seem to work. I can mount the remote drives and view/edit files via the Synology nas but can't get even a synchronization package to work. Is there something i'm missing that is simple without using a more complex setup that I'm not adept at SSH or other approaches?

RE: Synology to WD MyCloud Backup - ed - 01-09-2024

To set up a backup from your Synology DS224+ to the WD MyCloud DL2100, you can use Synology's Hyper Backup package. First, check if your WD NAS supports the Rsync protocol, as it is commonly used for such tasks. If your WD NAS supports Rsync, you can configure Hyper Backup to directly connect and back up your data.

However, if your WD NAS doesn't support Rsync, an alternative approach would be to map both NAS drives on a computer and then use the computer to copy the data from the Synology NAS to the WD NAS. This involves a two-step process: mapping the network drives on your computer and then copying the data via the computer interface.