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Which nas to get - Enquiries - 01-06-2024

I’m currently using a wd my cloud mirror and it’s time to upgrade. Simple files backup and Time Machine backup.

Also stream movies from it to my Apple TV.

Any suggestions would definitely help.
I was looking at the ds224, or the 923 even though I don’t think I gotta go that big. My 6tb has need fine but I’m not sure

RE: Which nas to get - ed - 01-09-2024

Considering your requirements for simple file backup, Time Machine backup, and movie streaming to your Apple TV, I'd like to recommend the Synology DS223 as a budget-friendly option with solid capabilities. If you're looking for a more comprehensive set of features and a potential upgrade path, the Synology DS224+ is a great choice. Both options cater to your needs, and you can choose based on your budget and the specific features you desire.