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Running Plex on a DS1821+ - Enquiries - 01-06-2024

I am researching Synology NAS servers now. I hope to be able to make a purchase within a year. My primary use will be a Plex server. Instead of buying a 4 bay NAS I may save up to buy a DS1821+

Is Plex available as a standard app for the DS1821+ ??? I've run across videos where Plex is not easy to run on some Synology devices. As I'm a total rookie with these devices I'm hoping that running a Plex server on a DS1821+ is easy. I am unable to locate a video with information about running Plex on a DS1821+

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Running Plex on a DS1821+ - ed - 01-09-2024

Hi there,

Great choice considering the DS1821+ for your Plex server needs! Plex is indeed available as a standard app for Synology NAS devices, and the DS1821+ is well-equipped to handle Plex smoothly.

Setting up Plex on the DS1821+ is generally straightforward through the Synology Package Center. You can install the Plex Media Server app, configure your media libraries, and start streaming content. The DS1821+ boasts robust hardware, ensuring a seamless Plex experience even with high-quality video transcoding.