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DAS - Enquiries - 01-05-2024

I have an under-utilised AceMagic AK1 Plus running Proxmox. I'd like to install TrueNAS Scale on it and add extra hard drives (possibly 4 x 1TB, or there about, mechanical SATA disks).

A DAS seems like a sensible option providing better data speeds to the other VM's & containers on Proxmox, via the USB 3.0 interface. Can you recommend any suitable options? It would be great if there was a DAS enclosure under £100 (even if I'd need to downgrade to a 2 bay model).
Thanks in advance

RE: DAS - ed - 01-09-2024

Thanks for reaching out! Considering your budget and the need for a DAS enclosure under £100-£150, you might find the TerraMaster D2-310 a suitable option. It's a 2-bay model, but it fits within your price range and offers USB 3.0 connectivity for improved data speeds. Additionally, you can start with 2 x 1TB drives and expand later if needed.