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Choosing a NAS - Enquiries - 11-29-2023

I have had a QNap TS453a for years now and mostly have used it as a Plex server and file storage for photos etc.
Photos mean a lot to me and last year my Qnap was hacked and all of my files were encrypted.
I was increadibly fortunate to have most of my photos and home videos on an external harddrive.

Ever since I have thought about possible getting a new NAS, and maybe staying clear from QNAP.

The suject has now come up as I have recently bought a house and would like to buy a couple of security cameras and use surveilence station.

I accept that you may be very busy but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Fernando from London

RE: Choosing a NAS - ed - 12-01-2023

Hey Fernando! Thanks for reaching out. Considering your budget, storage needs, and plans for surveillance cameras, I'd recommend the Synology DS423+. With its quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 and transcoding capabilities, it's a solid choice for handling Plex, securing your valuable photos, and supporting surveillance station for your new cameras. Plus, it offers 4 bays, allowing for future expansion if needed. It strikes a good balance now and ensures you're covered for the next five years. Feel free to check out more details here: