Full Version: Terramaster F4-423
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I currently use 2 x 500gb Nvme m.2 gen 3.4 for caching on my Terramaster F4-423 but I am looking o add them to my Triad storage pool instead. When I enquired through on line chat with Terramaster they replied when I asked about how much storage would they add to my pool they said 500gb. Which I get completely however I thought that when used as storage their capacity is multiplied.
Can you please advise.
If you're not concerned about redundancy, you could consider setting up a RAID 0 or JBOD configuration with the two 500GB drives. This approach combines the capacities of both drives to provide a larger pool of storage. However, please bear in mind that in a RAID 0 setup, if one drive fails, you could potentially lose all your data, so having a reliable backup strategy is crucial.

Your choice between RAID 0 or JBOD depends on your specific needs and preferences. RAID 0 will offer higher performance due to striping data across the drives, while JBOD keeps them as separate volumes. As you plan for the present and future, remember to factor in your data backup and recovery strategy.