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Hi-love your vids. SO much info! I'm a software engineer. have a nas ~7yrs old, time for new. had 8-raid6 and 5-raid5=60tb, looking to up to at least 100. usually err on the side of smaller disks... but your review of QNAP TVS-h874-i9 has me all hot and bothered. lol. encryption is necessary due to sensitive nature of work. I am a bit concerned about recovery of encrypted data in case of failure. but I'm looking at the h874 with the new 22TB Seagate NAS drives and 2-Kingston Fury Renegade 4TB PCIe Gen 4.0 NVMe M.2. I figure that's gonna run me just under $6300. My question for you, you know a load more about this than I do. If you were buying a replacement nas with these parameters... Would that be your choice? I want speed, security, ease. I want the ability to run vms on the nas, etc. which I have not been able to do. my 7yo nas was really small business based, just did not have the power I wanted. I'll keep it for backups. lol thank you for sharing your knowledge on NAS!
Yes, h874 is a best NAS ever released. Security is only an issue when people open ports without knowing what they are doing.
It would certainly be my choice.