Full Version: Data on a full disk in RAID 1
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I have 2 disks of 2To in a RAID 1 on my NAS. Lets say disk 1 and disks 2. The disks are FULL (no more space on them). I want to keep the data on the disk. Being on a RAID 1 they both contain the same data. To keep my data, can I remove just one of the disks lets say Disk 1 for keeps and use Disk 2 for something else? If I do, will I be able to read or retrieve my data on Disk 1 when I put it back in the NAS with a new Disk? Or do I have to take out the two disks (1 and 2) and keep them together to preserve and be able to read or retrieve my data. Thanks for your help.
No, every time you put the disk back, it will make a mirror copy of the disk you have inside the NAS. You can use JBOD mode or basic individual mode. This would keep your data.