Full Version: Unraid and NVMe drives
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I decided to build my own NAS device because I wanted to learn the process. I purchased two WD-Red 500GB NVMe drives for the system, with the intention of using them as a mirrored cache pool. I am trying out Unraid and have been pleased for the most part. If I plug each drive in individually, each shows up in Unraid. However, when I plug both drives into the system, only one drive appears in Unraid. I've heard that Samsung NVMes don't have this problem, but I am hesitant to use other drives, since the Reds are specifically designed to work in NAS systems, while the Samsungs aren't. Do you have any insight on how I can make my current system work as expected?
This is reallly strange. I would open a support ticket with unRAID. They are very responsive. All NVMe should work this system.
In the meantime go to the "Devices" tab in the web interface and making sure that all of your drives are listed and enabled.