Full Version: Terra Master d5 Thunderbolt 3
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I do Phot and video editing. I bought this as an alternative to having a ton of HDs to sift trough I basically wanted 1 Archive then keep the extras in a closest some where.

I set it up, put in 4 drives and made a RAID 5 array. dumped 5TB from a drive shucked it and attempted to add it to the array. it said it would take 90 hours to add. Ok, let it run.

Next morning i get up and i guess my computer went to sleep, but it kicked me out to the RAID manager program. I had changed the password, but not i cannot get in at all. The box is over there doing something. the lights are flickering and i hear the hard drives working. I et answer from Terra Master.

In the future can i just pull a smaller drive and replace it with a larger one? will it recognize and expand the array? This whole thing feels like a mess.
Once you replace a drive, you need to allow it finish the repair to avoid data loss
Terramaster is not yet well established. Often requires SSH command line adjustments. Not very promising to run it without a proper backup.