Full Version: Gold or Ultrastar?
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I am currently looking for a 14tb HDD. I am hesitating between the HGST/WD Ultrastar DC HC530 SATA 6Gb/s, 512e SE 14TB and the WD Gold (WD141KRYZ), 14TB.
From what I understand and the Gold has some disadvantages. I would like to know your opinion.
- Gold more Power usage when active or idle
- Gold more noise
- Gold less lifetime than HGST Ultrastar
- Gold less fast than HGST Ultrastar

I would like to use the HDD in my Synology NAS, which I have in my living room. I use it for data, but also for streaming music and and video at home, but also when I logon on from outside.
Would the Gold be to noisy? Does the Gold indeed have all the disadvantages mentioned above?
I do not know I understand correctly. Is the Gold the same as the Ultrastar. Only a different name?

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Yes, these two drives are practically the same. They will both generate too much noise for a living room environment. I would rather suggest you get WD Red. they seem to be the quietest and less energy-hungry.I hope this helps.