Full Version: Synology or QNAP?
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I have an old Synology 2-bay that is almost full. I want to upgrade to a 4-bay. I use it for storing my iTunes library, Apple TV library, using.Plex over them and I also use the cloud station. I have watched your videos and I’m leaning toward the QNAP. However, I really like the Synology DSM and never had a problem whereas I have read that the QNAP software is hard work and it is susceptible to hackers. Can you please advise?
Yes, Qnap often rush things willing to be innovative. So they often have features that Synology would dream of. But not always it is as finished as it could be.
You need to do few things manually to secure your NAS. This will make it safer than Synology

I hope this helps.