Full Version: Suggestions for Home Networking
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I'm wondering if a switch is something I benefit from.

I have:
1 Gbit Fiber to my ISP Router/Modem. CAT 5e connections are great but WiFi through the walls/floors is not very

I have:
2x TP-Link m9 Mesh units but the connection to these are 1/2 speed at best (significantly worse in the basement). So I still use the main router as well as the mesh. 

My question is, should I buy a Switch?
It would give me more hardwired options. (TV, Synology, PS4, M9, AV Reciever, Bell/ISP Cable box)

but would I get more speed in my Mesh network? 
would I have more reliable/stable connections?

Two people work in the house M-F
Synology will be upgraded to DS222+ (or similar)
Skipping the ISP Router/Modem will prevent being able to watch the ISP TV (but we haven't watched that in Months so no loss there)

2.5Gbit Switch or better?