Full Version: Best NAS
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I love your videos. But the "Synology DS1522+ vs DS920+ NAS - Which Should You Buy?" video raised a couple of questions that other videos didn't bring up.

I'm going to be using this to stream personal media, work on video and music files, connect via Wi/Fi in the house and remotely (due to being a Software Developer). I need it to connect fast. Is the 2-core 1522+ enough of an issue to go with the 4-core 920+? I have a 2022 Macbook Pro that is loaded with speed but I worry that the connection with a slower NAS might render that power moot.

I suppose I'm all over the place with my question and being new to NAS (or needing a NAS now), I just want to get the best buy.

Thank you in advance for your input and suggestions
Both of these models are very similar in performance. If you upgrade ds1522+ with 10GbE card, then this will be a much faster server for data transfers. But regarding computing power, they both would still be similar. DS920+ comes with a graphics chip built in. This will allow you to stream and transcode videos when accessing them remotely. The ryzen-based model could cope with videos not bigger than 1080p (unless transcoded manually).

I hope this helps.