Full Version: DS1621XS+ refresh in 2022?
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Seems Synology is updating most of their product line on a 2-year cycle and since the DS1621XS+ was first available in September 2020, that would make late 2022 be 2 years old.

Any ideas regarding this possibly happening in late 2022?

that is a good question... I'm curious if with COVID and China Lockdown, increase cost of fuel for transportation they might not like how their ROI looks and decide to ride out 2022 without any action. It's so easy to say or type 2022... but realistically, it's gonna end in 6 months. A smart move is to ride it out, let things settle, let people get some money back in their pocket (or more realistically,, pay down some credit card debt) before they go out to buy a NAS).Good question though...