Full Version: Upgrade from WD EX2 after My Cloud support ending?
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Currently have WD My Cloud EX2 NAS for fairly basic NAS setup. Given WD has chosen to not support OS upgrades on the device and I can only use it locally starting in April, I'm looking for suggestions for upgrade recommendations. Given WD no longer being relevant in the NAS space in my opinion, not interested in another WD product. Synology seems to be a leader based on the videos I've watched from NAS Compares. Looking for photo, music, video, document storage and solid RAID options. Current NAS has 4TB and about 50% utilized so may need more space looking into the future. Potential future interest in security camera storage as well.
Have 5 Synology NAS units that I own or maintain - DS115j (single hdd), DS218j (2 hdd), DS718+ (2 hdd) and a DS920+ with 4 hdd.For an economical NAS I would recommend the DS218+ (Amazon US $249) and 2 WD Red + 4,6 or 8TB hdd - depending on your tolerance for pain. If you can afford more, look at the DS920+.I use ABB and Hyper Backup to backup 38 computers to my DS920+ with four 8TB hdd and find the DS920+ a great NAS and was recommended by Rob. I also upgraded the memory to 16GB and it's been running great for a year now.