Full Version: Move Qnap drives to different bays?
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Good day:
Can I Move hard drives to different slots on my 4 bay 453b Qnap? I have 3 shucked 8TB WD drives in bays 1, 2 and 3. Since drive 1 is next to CPU, it runs 2-3 degrees hotter than drive 3. I want to leave bay 1 open. I don’t want to lose data. If I shut down my Nas, can I move drive 1 from slot 1 to slot 4? My theory is that all three drives will function at the same temperature and maybe the CPU’s will also cool down as a result of leaving slot one empty. Right now my CPU temp is 46°C and my drives are 48°, 47° and 45° (bays 1,2 and 3, respectively).
Sadly, the disk bay swap did not helpto lower the temperature in the former HDD 1 (now in slot 4)