Full Version: NAS & DVR - can NAS replace my DVR?
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I appreciate your website and videos. They’re very helpful. I’m trying to figure out if a NAS can replace my DVR which I rent from my cable service. Can a NAS schedule and record tv programs from my cable provider? If so, which NAS devices would work well with this?
You can use NAS in conjunction with a HDhomerun device. This will allow you to record free Air channels on your NAS. But cable and satellite will not fork unfortunately. You may want to look into IPTV options.UK I use the HDHomeRun with a set top box from my cable provider?No. Set top boxes do not output a digital signal that the HDHomeRun is capable of receiving. HDHomeRun PRIME can be used with a CableCARD™ available from all standard cable providers in the US in order to receive subscription digital cable channels. Other HDHomeRun devices can be used to receive over the air broadcasts with an antenna.Can I use the HDHomeRun with satellite?Satellite uses a different transmission system than broadcast or cable TV, and there is no requirement for satellite providers to make their systems available to customer-owned hardware, so they don’t. Their set top boxes do not output a signal that is compatible with any HDHomeRun device.more here: