Full Version: Home NAS for sharing files with family in Europe?
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I am looking to get my first NAS
It is for my home; the idea is that I can stream my files to my TV while also sharing with my family at home in Europe

I want to get a DS920+ and some HDs

I need advice on which HDs to get - Seagate seem the best, but Synology also do their own, and I don't know which might be best

My concerns are my limited tech knowledge in assembling a system like this from scratch
And also being able to set up a network where I can stream Plex to my TV, as if my NAS were just another service

Apologies if these questions are super basic


Yes, Synology DS920+ is their best multimedia NAS (1520+ same spec with extra drive bay). If you want to share video files remotely then Plex could convert those videos up to 1080p resolution or DS Video app up to 4K. Or you can use offline transcoding for easy remote streaming.Locally you can simply stream original video files via the Plex app or DLNA.Seagate drives are a good choice since they started to offer free data recovery service on Ironwolf drives. This is handy.I hope this helps.