Full Version: Best QNAP 4 drive NAS (with SSD's) for Sonos music server?
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What would be the best QNAP 4 drive NAS for a Sonos music server? Would have four 1TB SSD's.

Would be attached to a network via ethernet. All Sonos devices are attached via ethernet.

Would TS-453A be sufficient?

Would TVS-472XT be overkill?
Yes, TS-453A would work just fine. In fact, any NAS would work with SONOS. This is simply a storage space added to this speaker.You would connect via the network. If your SONOS speaker has a LINE IN (AUX) connection then TS-453A and TVs-473e would allow a direct connection.Filling all bays with SSD is not necessary, but by doing that the responsiveness will be improved significantly. All apps would run smoother and data transfers would happen faster.TVS-472XT is overkill if you only want to use it for music storage. It is capable of something more advanced like Plex server and transcoding and even virtual machines and more.I hope this helps.